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Episode 001

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What is up tonight, uh, IRC? It’s me, WebWyyzrd, and this is Big Wyyz Radio Hour. BWRH, that’s what it’s gonna be. I couldn’t think of anything good for it, so you know what, Big Wyyz Radio Hour, and then, uh, I think we’ll just do Big Wyyz Hour. Ah, whatever, just Big Wyyz Hour, Big Wyyz's Hour. It isn’t gonna be an hour, it’s gonna be a fuckin’ few minutes. Ah, but whatever. I’ll still think of a name. But you know this is Big Wyyz’s Little Broadcast. It’s me, uh, WebWyyzrd a.k.a. The Big Wyyz, or Big Wyyz whichever one you prefer. Or whatever other nickname, but you know. Uhh, yeah. This is my little thing here. Alright, so, yeah. A lot to talk about.

Obtaining Alcohol Illegally

October’s coming to an end, and therefore Sober October, that we were all kinda doing is coming to an end. I kinda feel that at the moment because really, I can’t legally buy, like, alcohol. Did you know I’m not old enough? So, you know, right now, every chance that I have to buy alcohol is a chance that I take advantage of. Uhh, yeah. Starting to get distracted right now. It’s just starting to rain down on my part of the country. It’s, uh, uh, 7:41 right now.

Fuck This Phone

Hold on. I hope to God this shit works. I just logged in to that fuckin’ YouTube thing. Hopefully that wasn’t, uh, fuckin’ up the audio at all. I really hope that wasn’t fuckin’ up the audio ‘cuz it—I’m going to smash my head against my fuckin’ bookcase if I—if that gets fucked up on the audio. I’m sorry if I’m getting all angry it’s just that I’ve been to work real hard on this. And really, I don’t really got a good live radio setup because of my situation right now. I’m living with, like, other people, so I can’t really set up, like a, place to do my radio thing, but. When I can I promise that the quality of this show will increase exponentially. And by the way, whatever I just recorded, somebody’s gonna have to like download or save. Like I’m gonna be on the computer tomorrow. Usually on Friday. Friday’s when I boot up the computer, get on IRC for the L0de Radio Hour. Uh, I don’t really spend much time on the computer ‘cuz uh, you know Friday night you know, hm. Well, you know. I’ll certainly [inaudible]. But you know.

I'm Trying To Get A Blog Done

Uh, yeah. I’m trying to get a—I’m trying to get a blog done. Maybe a couple blogs, uh. One definitely I’ll find tomorrow for sure. I’m gonna be doing a lot of work Friday night. Personal stuff, blog stuff. I’m not gonna record shit. That’s why I gotta [inaudible] it tonight. So yeah. Yeah. Uh. The Big Wyyz Show is tonight and whenever I’m doing with blogs or something I’m doing tomorrow. Uh, I, you know what, I got a conspiracy theory about The Daily Stormer. Recently they got like a new domain, That one got taken down and now they’re at I-N, I-N not I-O, I-N. They’ve [inaudible] up the letter. Uh, so yeah. The Daily Stormer dot I-N go look at their fuck-tard-e-dary there. Fuck-tard-ed-ness. But you know. Just go look at it over there, and uh, I got a conspiracy about them. I’m not gonna say what it is because I don’t want to spoil the uh blog or whatever, but let’s just say that maybe the liberal—NO, I’m not even gonna say that. I’m not even gonna say that. That’s my whole point kind of. One of the points has to do with liberals. I think I might bring up like a few or something. I gotta do something with that stuff. But you know. I’ll, uh, I’ll bring it up soon, and uh, yeah. It’ll be available at the most at early Saturday morning. Not like, early Saturday morning, like 6 o’clock, but I’ll try to gun for the Saturday morning when it ain’t, uh, uhh, there’s still friggin close to midnight. So yeah. Uh, so yeah. I’ll get that out soon, and uh, mhm. I’ll soon blog out and uh yeah besides that I don’t know what uh, Sober October, again I don’t think I did Sober October because you know, I can’t legally buy alcohol, so any chance I can get in on it is like when I can get in on it. Or I just steal it from Target ‘cuz they don’t got no cameras in their section as long as they have wine they have to steal. The first wine I actually stole from there was called Black Girl (pearl?) Magic. Apparently it’s a big thing I didn’t even know it was a big thing until I got it and I heard it on like Cum Town or something I heard it mentioned on Cum Town I’ve been getting into Cum town for a while now like a couple months I’ve been getting into Cum Town, so. Yeah. It is a good podcast. It is uh, and the Adam Friedland show is pretty good too. Uh, yeah. You know what’s weird? I got, like, recommended to me, like, you remember—if any of you were fans of Opie and Anthony, you probably remember that Cokelogic guy. Well, he just did like the video, like he did the video for like the Adam Friedman show, the new basically Cum Town 2.0, and it was good, it was a very good animation. I thought it went pretty well. Like really short too. Kinda missed they didn’t do his little logo and the sound at the end. But you know, uh. I’m just glad to see Cokelogic is still animating outside, you know, Cum Pounder’s media. That’s my little nickname for Compound Media because, you know, uh, Anthony took it up the ass once from the tranny gal. But you know. Uh, yeah. It’s a good, uh, good video, I’ll put it up in the link with the podcast when I’m done recording it. It’ll be in the topic of my IRC. So, you know. Uh. Yeah. Yeah. I’m in a terrible mood to fuckin’ do a podcast right. You know what sucks? I’m getting just tired, I don’t even know if I should do this, if I should, you know? But, but I gotta do it because I just feel responsible, and you know, if this isn’t that good, I hope you guys like it, just, I just hope you’ll just like it and uh it just does well and you’ll want more. I don’t know if you’ll want more if I just, yeah. Sorry if I repeat myself a lot. I’m not I’m just I just can’t think this shit so good right now. I gotta find something else to talk about, because half this shit is just me just apologizing for how bad this shit is. The Rondito Piss Ascii is in L0de’s birthday. [Police sirens.] Sorry, there’s something going on, the cops sure got something to do. The Rondito Piss Asciis, I’m not really a master of Asciis yet, but I’m working on maybe I’ll use Jewbird’s little system. Jewbird Asciibird at uh—If you wanna know what the website is it’s That’s how you make good Asciis and you’ll probably make—I don’t know how you make your own with them because you probably want to like work on some of your own but uh, yeah. I’ll see if I can make a good Ascii with that. I do use IRCCloud so it is probably harder to like post in color than, I don’t really know the color code. Sorry, lotta cops zooming past. [Police sirens]. I don’t know what’s going on. Probably going up north by the sound. There’s a lot of crime and blacks on the north side. But uh, you know. I don’t know if the two are related, ha. But uh you know. Yeah. Jesus fucking Christ. Four cop cars. That’s, uh. FIVE?! [Police sirens.] There must be a full-on shootin’ right now. Like a gang war just fuckin’ broke out over there. I don’t know what’s going on down too here, but we are too far in the Midwest for this. I don’t think my—here’s the thing. Omaha is like the business center of the Midwest. Des Moines’s got like more people, but Omaha is the center of the Midwest. ‘Cuz you know, all—a lot of business started up here. Des Moines’s probably a big business center. I don’t know if Des Moines’s got these fuckin’ problems that we do here with like crime, bla—uh, crime, and not blacks. But uh. Just crime. Just crime. Like you know. Uh. Yeah. We uh. Sorry about that. You know. Police officers runnin’ by you. Five of them. Jesus Christ. I’ll look in the news and next pod—I’ll mark it down as a point to talk about next time. I’m gonna have to use, use uh, like a piece of paper, because whenever I try and use anything on here and try to get out of this little nuh-nuh-nuh nuh-nuh-nuh, or something like that. It just buffers on me. You can’t understand a damn word I’m saying and that pisses me off, so yeah. Hopefully this is all coherent. I don’t want to not be, but you know. Yeah. So, uh. This is the first episode of my little show, of Big Wyyz Radio Show. Big Wyyz Radio. I don’t know. Opie, you know, you guys probably listen to Opie and Anthony. I’m just gonna assume you do, because Opie does his thing called Opie Radio. Big Wyyz Radio. You know, I think I’ll just call this the Big Wyyz Show or Big Wyyz Radio. I really don’t know what the fuck to call it. You guys can, like, give me some suggestions next time I log on the IRC next time. But you know. You know. I probably shouldn’t take my meds. I have meds that help me fall asleep because I’ve had insomnia since I was born, but you know. Maybe not ever since I was born. I developed it, but you know. Uhh, I’ll get a, I’ll probably not take whatever meds I usually take for that, but you know. Yeah. Uh. You guys are doing shots for every time I say “what”, “you know”. Don’t. No. You’re gonna fuckin’ kill yourselves. Anyway. Or that. You’re really gonna just—Just don’t do shots ever this show unless you wanna die. And even if you do wanna die, there’s better ways to do it. Uh, anyway, yeah. Really, I think all that is, is—what else do I wanna talk about. Uh. I don’t know—oh yeah! The other--piss Ascii and the pumpkin carving. I don’t know if I’m gonna do the piss Ascii, or do the pumpkin carving. I got a good idea for pumpkin carving. Maybe not good idea, but it’s an idea. And I mean I guess you guys will find it—find it admirable for you know my skills as a legally retarded guy on here. Maybe not legally retarded, but you know. Everyone considers me retarded where I am. I don’t know. Maybe, uh whatever, just. Hm. I don’t really got any good way to end this so I’m gonna think of a song to end this on. Oh wait. What the hell? The lights aren’t turning on, so maybe the car stopped. Do I gotta jump start this thing? I don’t really hope I don’t have to jump start this thing, but you know. I’m just—I’m gonna pause the show, and then uh, see if there’s long a song I can play out on.