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Episode 002

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Alright, it's me Big Wyyz. Happy Halloween. Uh, yeah. And, and Big Wyyz Radio Live, on Halloween, yes. Uh. Anyway, so happy Halloween everyone. A very special happy birthday to l0de. Twenty-five years of this mother-fuckin' awesomeness. I just came in like a year but even what I can see from a year, uh, it's pretty good. I don't know what's going on. Some faggots are just, you know, blowin' horns and stuff. Being weird. I don't get why teens gotta be all wiggery now. I don't like it. The current culture with all the rap and stuff, and all the drugs, I don't know. All they do is bum around. That just fuckin pisses me off. I can't understand a damn word they're saying. But anyway, but anyway, uh yeah. Congratulations to l0de, uh, for uh, for turning, uh, 40 or something. He gotta be 40. Probably 40. Congratulations on turning probably 40. And, uh, yeah, I hope that you keep doing this. It sounds fun. Oh there's a signal guy. He's going after those kids. Going after those kids running amok on Halloween. They can be annoying pieces of shit. But if they come and smash my pumpkins, that's why I'm gonna get a gun. You gotta protect yourself. It's crazy. The teens are the ones who need a gun pointing at them because they don't, uh, I mean, I was some kind of a teen probably, but I'm not like a wigger. I'm not a wiggery teen. I don't, like, mess, to mess up stuff, or my ruin my society. Because I know that, you know, decent people built up this stuff. I don't want to tear down society. That's not good. That is not good. At all. It's crazy. Uh, and uh, yeah, I don't know, so basically, I shout to l0de, shout out to jrra, thank you, for uh, doin' all the stuff. And then uh, l0g1k, l0g1k, you did a good pumpkin carving. I like that. Shout out to l0g1k. Uh, yeah. You're a good artist. You're a good pumpkin artist. I'm gonna try to do some pumpkin art in the future and win me some free money. Uh, but yeah. Yeah. And then, psyk0. psyk0. You did good on the piss ASCII contest. You did good on that. So, yeah. I liked your, and l0de liked your piss ASCII. (2:30ish)